Survivors, advocates upset over Teen Vogue’s ‘sex work is genuine work’ op-ed

Survivors, advocates upset over Teen Vogue’s ‘sex work is genuine work’ op-ed

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Intercourse trade survivors and anti-trafficking advocates are furious over a unique Teen Vogue column that argues attempting to sell intercourse is a legitimate job and really should be decriminalized — saying it glorifies the trade and ignores its numerous victims.

Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, a south reproductive that is african, penned the controversial viewpoint piece titled “Sex work is genuine work,” arguing that her task as a doctor — which include treating sexually transmitted infections and supplying therapy on heightened sexual performance — is “basically intercourse work” and really shouldn’t be treated any differently.

“I am a physician, a specialist in intimate health, however when you think of it, aren’t we a sex worker?” Mofokeng writes into the article.

“I do not believe that it is right or perhaps that individuals who exchange sexual solutions for cash are criminalized and I also have always been maybe perhaps not for just what i actually do. Is just a medical level really the best way of measuring that is worthy of dignity, autonomy, safety into the place of work, reasonable trade and freedom of work? No. This would never be so. Those who participate in sex work deserve those plain things, too.”

But Nicole Bell, who invested nearly all of her adult life in prostitution and today operates a clinic for everyone within the trade, blasted the doctor’s column just for handling the precious few that are privileged adequate to really select intercourse act as a lifetime career.

“It’s perhaps perhaps not empowering. You’re told exactly what you’re planning to do together with your human body for exactly how much because of the males which are exchanging you … you’re at the disposal associated with intercourse customer,” Bell, 38, told The Post Tuesday.